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About Granado

Founded in 1870, in Rio de Janeiro, by Portuguese José Antônio Coxito, Granado is Brazil’s most traditional and honoured perfumery. The brand was born as a pharmacy and was the main supplier of Brazil’s Royal Family due to its effectiveness and appreciation for natural ingredients in its products, always respecting the biodiversity of the country and being committed to preservation and sustainability. 

The company holds premier positioning in the Brazilian cosmetics and perfumery market as an example of success, strength and steady growth. Emblematic in its country of origin, Granado has been passed down through the generations and is now a treasured part of Brazilian heritage inside the affective and olfactory memories of the Brazilians. 

Granado believes perfumery is an art of living. Innovating with bold, tropical creations, the brand has always been true to its unique and ahead of its time identity. Granado’s centenary olfactory and creative heritage pays hommage to the beauty and perks of the rich nature of Brazil. 

Along with the world’s biggest fragrances houses, Granado praises the natural ingredients in its perfumes with surprising and sophisticated fragrances, highly scented soaps, body care products with carefully curated formulas and home scents that invite us through an olfactory journey. 

Granado comes up with striking perfumery, in a ‘carioca’ style, for a unique and unforgettable perfume experience.  

The first official store was opened in the French capital in 2017, in the heart of the Saint-Germain-des-Près district. Soon after, two more stores were opened in the renowned Marais and Saint-Honoré neighbourhoods of Paris.

In 2022, it was Portugal's turn to receive the brand's first concept shop, in Lisbon's Chiado neighbourhood. London was the third capital to welcome Granado with two more stores in the city's most prestigious locations.

Granado also has other important points of sale in London (Liberty), Paris (Galeries Lafayette, Publicis Drugstore and BHV), Brussels (INNO) and other locations.

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