Folha Imperial Mini Duo Candles

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The Folha Imperial collection, in a limited edition, celebrates all the richness of the Atlantic Forest and invites us to reconnect with nature and raise awareness of its preservation. Together with Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica, Granado embraces and supports the project Forests of the Future, dedicated to the preservation and reforestation of the largest Brazilian biome, by donating part of the profit from product sales.

The fragrance of Folha Imperial transports us to the middle of the Amazon rainforest on a sunny and vibrant day. The smells of damp earth, grandiose trees and running water invade our sense of smell, leaving a comfortable and fresh feeling. This kit, in special edition, presents two mini candles of the fragrance.

The Scented Candle Folha Imperial has 88% ingredients of natural origin! It is handcrafted with 100% natural coconut vegetable wax, and also has a high concentration of perfume. In addition to being long lasting, perfuming the environment for longer, its wick is 100% cotton, which guarantees high flame and low heat elevation.
Free of ingredients of animal origin. Contents: 2 scented candles 75g.

About the Forests of the Future project
An initiative of the SOS Mata Atlântica foundation, the project aims at reforestation with native species and the recovery of river basins and sub-basins. The environmental restoration project, which has the support of civil society, the private sector, landowners and public authorities, brings together 40 million seedlings planted in 9 states and 550 municipalities and 23,000 hectares restored.



Light your scented candle in a safe place and enjoy its scent while decorating the room. Do not leave the candle burning unattended and always place the scented candle on heat-resistant surfaces and away from flammable materials.

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Fragrance Folha Imperial
Volume 240 ml
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