Perfumery Trio Patchouli, Figo & Folha de Laranjeira

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The Perfumery Trio presents 3 travel size fragrances so you can explore them separately or combined to each other using the layering tecnique. It comes with Patchouli eau de toilette, Figo eau de cologne and Folha de Laranjeira eau de cologne. 

Discover a little more about each fragrance: 

Patchouli: the fragrance highlights the green, earthy and moist woodiness of this classic perfumery ingredient in an aromatic, minimalist and elegant way. The rusticity of woody notes is balanced with touches of spice and delicate notes.

Figo: elegant and sophisticated, the cologne brings out the tasty side of the fig and explores the naturalness of its leaves, highlighting the freshness of the green notes with a lot of personality.

Folha de laranjeira: fresh and citrusy, the fragrance highlights the petitgrain note to give the fragrance a refreshing, timeless and striking tone. 

All of Granado's fragrances are made with extra neutral alcohol, which results in a high degree of purity and does not interfere with the fragrance. In addition, the perfume undergoes a maceration process, a practice carried out by a select group of perfumeries in the world, which ensures greater harmonization and maturation of the fragrance's olfactory notes. 

The product is free of dyes and ingredients of animal origin.

Content: 3 x 25ml. 



Spray your Granado perfume on areas with greater blood circulation, such as wrists and the back of the neck, to have a striking and intense perfume. Combine with colder areas of the body, such as the forearms and lap, for a longer lasting fragrance. Don't forget to keep your skin always moisturized to help the perfume set!

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Fragrance Patchouli
Volume 25 ml
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