Lírio Scented Candle 250g

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Lírio is the perfect fragrance for one looking for the classic elements of perfumery but in a contemporary and charming composition. The white flowers that usually appear abundantly in perfumery are now offered with lightness and elegance.  

The Lírio candle is made with 85% of natural ingredients and is handcrafted with 100% of natural coconut vegetable wax, and also has a high concentration of perfume. In addition to offering a long-lasting fragrance and perfuming your home for longer, its three wicks are made from 100% cotton, which guarantees a bright flame but a low heat elevation. 

As for the packaging, the box follows the visual identity of the Floral Collection from the vintage/heritage range. The candle glass is minimalist and with a wooden lid. The object has just the right amount of sophistication and matches perfectly with different types of decoration. Vegan product. Not tested on animals. 

Content: 1 candle, 250 g. 

Light your scented candle in a safe place and enjoy its scent while decorating the room. Do not leave the candle burning unattended and always place the scented candle on heat-resistant surfaces and away from flammable materials.

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Volume 250 g
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